Blog: Endangered Languages, by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity

This blog, Endangered Languages, has an interactive language diversity map as well, which has a much better layout that the UNESCO one. As well as providing the interactive map, the blog itself promotes endangered language events (such as an indigeous speaker gathering in Oaxaca, Mexico) and also case articles on specific language groups. This is a project supported by the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity, which is a coalition of indigenous speaker organizations (such as the First People Council) that does not have an independent website, but works through this blog. The resources section contains primarily videos (whose descriptions are in about five different languages) of native languages and cultural attributes of the groups who speak the language. I will peruse this section later and will post some of the videos I found interesting! There are also some great flashcards for different phrases and words in a variety of languages, primarily Native American, which would be really great to learn from. Definitely come back to this.


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