Playlist: Language Evolution from a Modern Standpoint

Click here to watch the playlist.

Just in case you have a LOT of spare time this weekend, here’s a great playlist to keep you distracted! While this doesn’t necessarily tie into endangered languages as much as my other materials, this is still a fascinating playlist on how languages evolve, especially in our modern-day society. You might notice that I posted one of these talks separately yesterday!

Watch Jill Shargaa, John McWhorter and others in this six-talk series, convincing us that language isn’t something that’s written in stone: it’s an ever-evolving, shifting method of communication whose role in globalization and technology is changing. If you have time to Google this, I remember a really cool article coming out a few months ago on a student who had invented a coding language in Arabic, instead of using one of the English-based ones in existence.

Definitely worth watching for a side-branch of the project!


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