Resource: Linguistic Society of America


The Linguistic Society of America’s mission statement entails the promotion of the pursuit of research pertaining to the scientific study of language. This site is a handy tool for finding websites and peer-reviewed publications relating to general language information and studies on the use, types, variations, and structure of language as we know it today. As this is such a constantly changing field, this is a great resource to have.

The site layout is very clear. Most of this website is designed to redirect you away from the LSA itself and to other sites, texts, and associations that more closely fit what you’re looking for. Their CoLang Summer Institute is definitely worth checking out.

I’m tagging this as ‘Resource’ for the moment – hopefully I can come back to this and comb through the many resources this site offers! I’m storing it away in the blog archive for now.

Check out their page on endangered languages here.

Their page on current linguistic research is here.

Find their homepage here.


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