On The Project

Dear wide world of interwebs,

This is the kickoff of an awesome year of crazy research. (Woot woot!) So here’s a quick – or not-so-quick – introduction to this linguistics project!

This year I’m going to look at the field of linguistics, specifically the issues surrounding endangered languages and dialects. I’d like to look at why groups of languages are considered endangered, what makes endangered languages as a whole important, how to preserve these languages, who is preserving these languages, some of the characteristics that make the languages unique, why endangered languages are important to our world culture, and several other questions. I’d also like to look at the different root languages that many of the commonly- and less-commonly spoken languages share, how old these roots are, and how these languages today are spread across whatever regions they are native to. If at all possible I would also like to into cognitive linguistic’s influence on my research and on the general field of linguistics. In terms of specific languages, I’m going to be looking into whistled languages as well as non-Indo-European languages.

This blog is going to function as a making space – anything I find that is relevant to this project is going to turn up on this blog, even if it’s not something I’m planning on focusing on that I just thought was interesting. There won’t necessarily be one consistent thread, so it’s going to jump around a bit. Stream of consciousness, here I come! Stick around – this project is going to go in a bunch of different directions within the field of linguistics, and I promise everything on this blog will be fascinating!

~Your lovely blogger!


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